List of  Biomechatronics projects

  • Projects supervised by Antoine Nonclercq


Neurostimulator powering strategies (IWPT)

Urinary monitoring for conditional stimulation (BLADDERMON)

Minimally invasive gastric stimulator (ENDOGES)


Fully optical neurostimulator (OPTISTART)

Implantable optoelectronic neurostimulator (NEUROPV)

Development of the Frequency-Following Response in Hearing Loss and Speech Retardation (FFR)

  • Projects supervised by Alain Delchambre

    Projet Softendo : « Soft robotics for endoscopy and minimally invasive surgery (Softendo) ».

    Projet Phenix : « Cold Atmospheric Plasma for endoscopic applications in the gastro-intestinal tract (PHENIX) »


    EndoForce3D :  3 DOF force feedback system using optical sensors for endoscopic applications

  • Projects supervised by Christophe Colette

    Active isolation of launchers vibration environment

    Einstein Telescope Euregion Meuse Rhin Site and Technology (ETEST)

    Optical inertial sensor

    Smart vibration absorbers

    ERC consolidator grant: Seismic isolation of gravitational wave detector (SILENT)

  • Projects supervised by Bernardo Innocenti


    Finite element modeling of knee prosthesis during daily activities

    Robotic kinematic analysis of knee prosthesis

    Knee kinematic frame

    Musculo-skeletal modeling of human knee

    Human ligament characterization


List of  Embedded Electronics projects

  • Projects supervised by Dragomir Milojevic

a) System-technology co-optimization for next generation multi-processor systems
b) Design enablement for advanced CMOS nodes and 3D integration technologies
c) 3D System Partition Aware Cache Design

  • Projects supervised by Frédéric Robert

  • Projects supervised by François Quitin

  • Project supervised by Jean-Francois Determe

List of  Embedded Electronics projects

  • Projects supervised by Johan Gyselinck

a) Fault-detection and fault-tolerance of electrical and wind-turbine generators
b) Control of grid-connected inverters, grid emulation
c) Modelling of electrical machines, and in particular of permanent-magnet synchronous machines, including real-time simulation, and noise and vibrations (NVH)
d) Modelling and control of wind farms, including wake effect

  • Projects supervised by Pierre Henneaux

List of  Qalinca projects

  • Projects supervised by Alassane Ballé Ndiaye


Updated on April 21, 2023