The "Embedded Electronics" research unit is active in the field of embedded systems design and implementation.
An embedded system is any object containing electronics/microelectronics (and the associated embedded software) in order to better fulfill its core function. Application domains are extremely wide and include:

  • telecom and multimedia devices
  • industrial devices
  • power electronics devices
  • transport and logistics
  • biomedical devices
  • software-defined radios

Embedded systems offer the difficult challenge of adressing severe and multiple constraints using limited resources.

The unit is active in the following research fields: : 
  • multi-processor System-on-Chips with real-time operating systems (MPSoC/RTOS)
  • algorithm/architecture adequation using system-level design flows
  • 3D-IC design enablement and optimization
  • software-defined radio application and prototyping
  • control of power electronics devices
Updated on March 12, 2021